Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where will I want to develop from here now?

Hello again readers, many thanks for your patience.

I have taken some unplanned time off since last year for family commitments and now ready to continue writing additional content for the blog.

This blog will discuss some ideas I have had time to myself of wanting to move forward as a little developer in a big world with a vision that I hoped will benefit others doing the same things while enjoying having a go at learning something different.

Previously mentioned I would review the Jenkins software however during my long break I discovered readers were interested in my blog about the software development process. With further reflection, I feel here would be the time to show what my approach would look like and hopefully be encouraged how all may come together.

Here is a little diagram I wrote within Excel without gridlines that contains the main steps involved which further blogs will tackle over time.

In principle, from the top left hand corner of my diagram I will have done some work on the Excel files and the main workbook. Those saved changes or modifications will be managed under a new tool I will be learning by Microsoft called Powershell to script the means of taking a quick visual snapshot of my work in progress, and detecting which files I made in the directory is changed in turn develops a list for Git at the commit to repository phrase automatically.

Once the changes are made directly into Git, I can optionally script which files I may want to share onto another feature of Git called Gists. Gists is like the Microsoft cut/paste clipboard if you like that enables owners to quote computer code safely within Blogger and promote discussion where needed.

After processing files into Git, I will have the script to make a copy of these latest changes into another area for testing so that Jerkins (an integrated code manager) can run a script of tests. The aim of this testing area is to develop a form of unit and integration testing by means of proving that certain features work correctly as intended.

If all goes well or not!, I will love to get email to myself the outcome of the test results which I will have a good record of changes made as time goes by. However, as with tests chances are more likely to make further modifications again and so the cycle or evolves as often as needed to introduce new features over time.

So in conclusion, I will hope the additional lessons I need here to fulfil my vision will helps other developers some inspiration and ideas for their projects.

Til then,

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