Sunday, January 17, 2016

Year of 2016 and beyond.

Hi all,

I thank you all readers for keeping in touch with me and my blog via various social media sources and search engines sites.

This is encouraging news.

Just to post that this will be my last post on Google's blogspot site as I will be offine to focus my energies on activities related to developing VBA and integration using Github.

Once I have passed several hurdles I will post a link here to let readers know I welcome feedback from these endeavours.

*EDIT* - Just a short new updated message here to say that I'm back online however you can find me working away with RubberduckVBA on Github, 

This open-source project aims to provide make our Visual Basic for Application editor flexible to adapt the emerging modern programming concepts such as Refactoring and Unit Test-driven programming.

See you all there and cheers,