Sunday, June 2, 2013

A blog update

Hello again to all Internet readers.

Sorry for the long delay and thanks for your patience.

My wife and I since last September 2012 welcomed a new baby.

Since then I have been very busy taking care of family commitments and other priorities as they arise.

Just taking a moment now to inform readers some changes I have decided to make for my blogging experience manageable going forward.

Firstly, I am currently reviewing my website and be posting new pages/information monthly. Don't be surprised if some pages are shuffled about, this is part of the review. Also I have dropped the numbering of blog names and adapted a casual approach of writing a blog. Soon I'll discuss a book about VBA.

Secondly, I am looking into exploring some software development practices I have heard lately of enabling VBA code be stored into a repository known as Github. A repository is basically like a database to holds lines of VBA code. The benefits or "yellow hat" thinking is to track code changes made over time. Github has a service called "Gists". As I understand gists for now, provides a snapshot of code which can be shared with a hyperlink. To put this in another way, social media like Facebook, Youtube or Linkedin can share information about people, gists can share information about computer code; promoting discussion between users. The interesting thing I believe this website could use is to format computer code nicely with indentation and colours of syntax or reserved words making it easier to read/discuss.

Thirdly, I hold a vision that readers can learn more about test driven development in VBA which is one of the new emerging software development practices. This presents a challenge for me as I don't do much testing as I used to do however it is encouraged. I plan to present how to go about setting up such in VBA,  the means to do some unit tests and allow changes be committed into Github.

That's all I have for now,

Til then,

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