Friday, April 20, 2012

Software Development continues...

This blog expands on the software development.

Software development is an integrated approach of making software from concepts of real world problems into working software. This involves repeating the cycles of inputs, processes and outputs over and again in iterative cycles.

That is until the software is considered finished with the customer's agreement. In many cases, using consistent effort will achieve good results.

Generally speaking, the iterative cycle is about finding out what the customer wants to do by check our understanding of what the customer means. Also, we write the software design well to fulfil the customer's needs and test the software making sure that it works and delivering the written software on time for each item in the list that meets the customer's approval.

I present this from two different point of views.

Firstly, Brett D. McLaughlin, Gary Pollice & David West (2007) has introduced these activities, and the table below is expressed on how I believe everything is put together, that is for each activity on the left hand side, there is a corresponding Input, Process and Outputs to be completed. Note that a series of steps are repeated until everything is covered.

Lastly, Adkins, L., n.d. What is Agile presents videos showing how tasks similar as I described earlier would work for teams of different skills such as designer, programmer, user interface, tester in short bursts of four weeks producing potential deliverable or shippable product.

Til then,